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2021-22 Annual Report | Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor or Memory

Throughout the year, we receive many gifts in honor of alumni, students, faculty, and staff—past and present. These gifts are special reminders of Solebury’s commitment to creating community and providing a sense of home for our students, their families, our beloved faculty, and dedicated staff while they are here. 

The connections made at Solebury truly last a lifetime, and these tribute gifts are a reminder of the lasting impressions our community makes on all of us who are fortunate enough to be part of it.


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


In honor of Vivien Adams
Doug Adams and Penelope Patsuris°

In honor of the Class of 2022
Berj and Suzanne Akian P'22

In honor of Sofia Iriarte Alvarez '19
Conrad Iriarte and Mercè Alvarez P'19•

In honor of Amelia Grissom '22

In honor of our dedicated dining hall, housekeeping, and maintenance departments

In honor of Yahya Ozair '25

In honor of Safwa Ozair '20

In honor of Rachel Anthonisen Gates '85
Ellen and George Anthonisen P'85 '88***

In honor of Daniel Anthonisen '88
Ellen and George Anthonisen P'85 '88***

In honor of Jack Antoneck '25
Richard and Christine Antoneck P'25

In honor of Ruby Burns '23
William Baeszler '22°

In honor of Jessica Harms

In honor of Bill Orrick '56
Margaret Pierce Baron '57

In honor of Frank Ammirati P'73 '74 '77 '79 '81 '82 '86
Margaret Pierce Baron '57

In honor of Helmet Black
Emma Black '16

In honor of Jack Borden
Douglas and Christina Borden

In honor of Amerah Bramble '25
Hazel Branche P'25°

In honor of Matilda Bray '24
Christopher and Tracy Bray P'24°

In honor of Charles & Inez Pennock
Joyce Bulifant '56**

In honor of the Class of 1965
Gail Burke '65*

In honor of Jason Burns '19
Jennifer K. Burns P'19*

In honor of the Class of 2021
The Carroll Family

In honor of my fellow alums from the Class of 2020
Cate Cole '20

In honor of James Vincent DeCerchio, future member of the class of 2038
Caitlin '04 and Laura DeCerchio•

In honor of Arianna Dempsey '23
Lazarus Dempsey and Aileen Grenon Dempsey P'23 '25

In honor of Isaiah Dempsey '25
Lazarus Dempsey and Aileen Grenon Dempsey P'23 '25

In honor of Dan Cohen '63
Patricia Deneroff°

In honor of Francesco DePinto '21
Cosimo and Magda DePinto P'21

In honor of John DiGiovanni
Peter and Mindi DiGiovanni

In honor of Holmquist 2024
Martha Dixon '24°

In honor of Reece Dunham '24
Gib Dunham and Kathryn O'Neal-Dunham P'24

In honor of the Class of 2022
William Eastburn and Charlotte Dunham P'22•

In honor of Eliza Fairchild '13
Erika Fairchild P'13*

In honor of Evie Feld '19
Steve and Tracy Feld P'19*

In honor of the staff and teachers
Harriet Fitzpatrick°

In honor of Max Fogel '24
Jeremy and Cynthia Fogel P'24

In honor of Thomas Hunt '74
Andy '73 and Debbie Gespass****

In honor of Guy Lewis '68
Ken Gilbert '68 **

In honor of Andrée Newsome Falco '63
Jane Bernstein Greenberg '63****

In honor of Leo Pebble Hays
Wendy Hays°

In honor of Chloe Howes '23
Michael and Kathryn Howes P'23 '26°

In honor of Alexandra Huszar '24
Tom Huszar and Cari Gatto Huszar P'24°

In honor of Sarea Leonard-Jenkins '25
Prince Jenkins and Phillippa Taylor-Jenkins P'25°

In honor of Claudia Cleary '85
The Kipling Street Fund

In honor of Lucas Leguizamo '19
John and Justine Leguizamo P'19•

In honor of Janie Lim
James and Ann Lim°

In honor of Leo Mokriski '22
Jordan Mokriski and Sara Bizarro P'22

In honor of Avery Orsini '20
Lucinda Orsini and Occhio Orsini P'20

In honor of Yahya Ozair '25

In honor of Maura Elizabeth "Betsy" Gottlieb '80
Theresa Quindlen '80*

In honor of Tom Wilschutz
Marcin and Katie Radzicki P'22

In honor of the Solebury Music Department
Ziggy and Michele Rivkin-Fish P'21

In honor of this amazing school
Ann Rovere '61*

In honor of Iano Sereno '68
John Sadwith '68*****

In honor of Jessica Golden '12
Brad Golden

In honor of Ethan Glazer '22
Rebecca Siegel°

In honor of Rob Eichem P'18 '24
Diane Sugden**

In honor of Maria Sun '21
Xudong Sun and Ying Chen P'21°

In honor of Mackenzie Thompson '24
Ben Zislis and Jaime Thompson P'24°

In honor of Skyler Schwalm
Danielle Tomko and Jordan Crook°

In honor of the Class of 1985
Brett Webber, AIA, LEED AP BD+C '85 P'20**

In honor of the Class of 2016
Carol Wright '16•


In memory of Mark Dashevsky '94
Eric Berkowsky '95*

In memory of Aaron and Eunice Gitlow Bishop P'67
Jeffrey Bishop '67****

In memory of Jon McCook '62
Sandra Dickson Coggeshall '61****

In memory of Karen Davis Pugh '63
D. Westervelt and Cynthia Davis°

In memory of David Quarles P'92
Caroline Gabriel P'92*

In memory of Betsy Meredith '54 P'81
Julia Kim°

In memory of Alexa Shaw McDonough '62
William Morgan '62***

In memory of George Plough '40
Louann Plough******

In memory of Malabika Sarkar
Tiyasha Sarkar '24°

In memory of David Kaplan GP'19

In memory of Don & Helen MCCook P'60 '62 '64 '65
Robert Stockton '58, CPO, USN (ret.)*

In memory of Mickey McCook '60
Robert Stockton '58, CPO, USN (ret.)*

In memory of Thelma LaPorte
Eric '77 and Susan Wald ***

In memory of Selma Waxman Widem H'47
Susan Widem•

In memory of William Zeng, Jr. '66
Tom Zeng '73 ***